Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Magma at Turrialba Volcano?

An article in La Nacion this morning informed us that they have been doing some interesting studies with the recent activity of the Turrialba volcano. The studies are conducted at night and it gives the the experts a look to see if any magma material is leaving that would be hard to see with the naked eye. They believe that there is a magma rock inside the volcano which could mean that we might see some lava soon. What they do not know is which way the lava would begin to flow. We will keep you posted on this very interesting activity.

The Turrialba volcano is almost identical to the Irazu volcano which is the tallest volcano in Costa Rica. In recent years tourist have made the trip to the top of the volcano but it is a very tough hike. The volcano has been relatively quiet for over 100 years and just this past year we have begun to see activity.

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