Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5 Souvenirs you should take from Costa Rica

When traveling anywhere in the world it is not always about the trinket shopping for most things that are made in Taiwan or China. The real souvenirs are taken from real places and people you visit. When visiting Costa Rica I have come up with 10 things you should take with you on your trip home from Costa Rica:

5. Costa Rican Diet - The Costa Ricans eat healthy. There is not a lot of fats in the food it is high protein, carbs, and a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

4. Some Spanish - Go ahead and dont be afraid to try some Spanish. If you have to leave with just one phrase make sure its "PURA VIDA"

3. Memories - could not write these ten without the famous leave only "footprints" and take only "memories" when walking through the rainforest.

2. Local stop shopping - dont be afraid to go off the beaten path and stop at a local little mom and pops shop. The chances are the people will be very nice and you will have a long conversation of smiles, take some pics, support the local economy and be on your way.

1. Recycled Goods - if you want to have some souvenirs that are truly local then look in different shops and you will notice women groups from different villages who make wallets, purses, keychains, and things of such out of recycled goods such as coffee bags, egg cartons, milk boxes, ect. If you dont see these during your trip send us an email and we have the contacts to get you some goods.

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