Monday, March 15, 2010

Manuel Antonio Trip with Hogar Siembra

This Saturday was one of the best tours Ive done. When there is time off in Costa Rica there is an endless list of things to do. Personally I enjoy doing the same stuff as when Im working. Over the years Costa Rican Resource has developed a relationship with a group of abandoned kids in Alajuela. Some of the kids are orphans, others have parents in jail, and others have been victims of child abuse. When walking into there home called "Hogar Siembra" you see 30 bunkbeds all in the same room and not exactly smiles everywhere. When you take them out for the day they transform into the young fun loving kids we all were. We have taken the group ziplining, rafting, and this weekend we went to Manuel Antonio which is Costa Rica's most visited National Park. Out of the 30 girls that went ages 12 - 17 none of them have ever been to Manuel Antonio. We had one of our best guides Jheudy with the day off who joined us in making it an educational experience from start to finish. I have taken tons of groups to Manuel Antonio and these girls were the first group to walk through the park with notebooks and pens. It turns out the girls will be donig presentations on their trip to the park but the point is that they were really into learning which made us feel great. It was a day full of fun from start to finish. We had breakfast, lunch, and plenty of icecream after playing in the hot sun of Costa Rica's most beautiful beach. On the way back in the bus we were singing songs on the radio and the radio DJ mentioned the name of the girls home and about their trip to Manuel Antonio. They all screamed like they just one Latin Idol. Although I continue to learn about the beautiful natural things of Costa Rica it is always a nice reminder that the most beautiful part about Costa Rica is its people. To the girls at Hogar Siembra, Que Dios les Cuide Siempre!!! The next trip we will be taking the girls canyoning near the Arenal Volcano.

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