Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Birthday Splash!!!

Growing up we all know one of the most important things is where are you going to do your next Birthday bash. This is something that each kid needs to think about months before his actual birthday. The traditional birthday bash is done in an area where all your friends can be, kids toys, games, and maybe even a clown. Just this past week a mother of a nine year old came to us with a different idea for her sons birthday. She wanted to change the birthday bash to a Birthday Splash. Her idea was to take her son and all her friends white-water rafting. Living in a country like Costa Rica that is known all over the planet for its natural beauties the idea to get the kids outdoors and experience a little adventure was to us the perfect idea for a birthday party.

The day started as we picked the kids up from their homes and all the mom's giving us that look "is this really safe???" as we drove away in a bus filled with kids. The river that was used is a small but beautiful and clean river in the Turrialba area which is class II rapids.
It is a perfect match for small kids and the adventure is getting them wet and allowing them to hop off in some pools and swim around in the river. After the rafting of course the party is not complete without one of the best looking birthday cakes you can ever imagine. The cake was formed into the shape of a river with a raft on top.

So as for giving your kid a birthday party that tops them all taking them outdoors and doing some adventure is something him and all his friends will love. The kids were all dropped off at their homes some healthy looking sun, stories of the wild rapids they ran, and memories of the best Birthday Splash Ever!!!